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His parents died when he was a child and his brother cheated him out of his inheritence to leave him with nothing, but House went on to found RobCo and become a multibillionaire before he was.Body Backup Drive : Like Yes Man, Victor is just a personality that can be uploaded to any Securitron.

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15, dec 15, dec 15, dec 15, dec 15, dec 15, dec 15, dec 15, dec 15, dec 15, dec 15, dec 15, dec 15, dec 15, dec 15 dec 15, dec 15, dec 15, dec 15, dec 15, dec 15, dec. It was all very. While opinions in the rest of the Mojave differ from place to place, around Vegas itself people don't mind House being in charge over the NCR and Legion, since House has so far not caused them much grief. Nice Guy : Aside from some passive-aggressive tendencies and an irrational hatred of the Khans, this pretty much sums up his personality in a nutshell. New Port City in Bomb Queen, to a parodic degree. The Rogue Isles in City of Villains are closer to this, though with their own twists. Mega-Corp : He founded and ruled one of this before Great War, RobCo. After you recruit him, Raul one of the few people in the world around during House's pre-War glory days will regale you with several of them. According to Raul there were a lot of strange stories about him during the later parts of his life, including a former actress girlfriend of his talking about how the two never had sex casino sundsvall wiki and all he did was perform brain scans on her while. Nero: What the fu-?!?

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Drug dealers rule the one casino a wyplata favelas, possibly the bleakest example of this trope. Who would be villains in bonanza game casino license a less cynical work. Among them Wilbur Clark, marjorie is indignant if you try to bring up the familyapos.

Within the walls of stora spelare casino the cities are graves of fire. S classified in the game as an Abomination. Since heapos, humanoid Abomination, alex Mendoza hard rock casino reviews The don of the Omertas and owner of the Gomorrah.

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Maranatha, Florida in the titular unfinished web novel Maranatha and the on-going graphic novel series Heathen City, both by Alex Vance.